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One of the most important factors to a successful website, is a user-friendly experience. You want your website to be friendly, inviting & represent your business as successfully as it can.

In this article, what we’re going to cover are 3-Steps to a User-Friendly Website

What is it, why should you care, and how you might be losing money.


5 Simple Steps to Create Your Website for Success in 2018/2019 | {Web-Designs for Your Business} | TheWebDesigner

This Post is for you if you want to create your own website and build it for success, not failure.

If You’re Reading this Article, then You Understand that Your Business Needs to Stand Apart Online. Your Business Website, Represents Your Business, Online.

So, the Question today is Simple: How do You Create a Website for Your Business, Fast?


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What You Can Expect from TheWebDesigner


All Websites Are Fully Responsive f All Devices.

Fully Customized

Every website is designed, customized and catered to each business' needs.

Fast + Easy to Navigate

Speedy up-time & easy navigation makes your website, competitively better.

Fast Websites in 3 Easy-Steps

Step 1

You Set the Idea, the Plan & the Vision.

Step 2

We Set the Budget & Deadline, Together.

Step 3

You Sit Back & Let Your Magic Be Created.

What Makes TheWebDesigner Different?

Some Frequently Asked Questions

TheWebDesigner prides itself not only for the exceptional service and client experience that we provide, we are also heavily recognized in the Toronto community for being one of the FASTEST Web-Designers, around.

Your website could take anywhere from 3-20 days to complete. 

All website packages are unique and catered to each business, accordingly.

One of the most common questions asked!

Also one of the most difficult questions to answer, promptly.

The answer to this question relies heavily on the industry you’re in, as well as how customized, coded or “styled” you need your website to be

A basic website Including 5 Web-Pages (Home, About, Services, Blog, Contact), could roughly cost you anywhere from as low as $200 to as high as $3500.

For an exact estimate and pricing quote, please email,, and include “Quote” in the subject field.

The simple response? > YES.

All around us, everyone is using Smart phones, Tablets, Laptops and Computers to access, research and partner with business’.

The Internet is rapidly changing and growing, and if your business is not adapting to the times, and your clients are not able to research, review or FIND your business-online, you are essentially losing hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars per month!

That’s extra income that would benefit your business and help you scale! 

A question that has taken marketers and business owners like myself, YEARS of study and practice to truly understand and comprehend.

There are SO MANY factors to correctly answer this question including but not limited to;

-Your Niche or Industry

-The Content on Your Website

-Your SEO Practices(Refer to Our Blog)

*-Your Inbound and Outbound Marketing Tactics

-How many external links direct customers and clients to your website and business

-The “real-time” Design, Flow and Layout of Your Website

There are many factors to include here.

To truly understand Online Marketing for your business it is always recommended you seek a professional. TheWebDesigner’s partner Business is The OnlineBusinessMarketer., please contact obm@onlinebusinessmarketer, for the best advice, tactics and marketing services Toronto has, to offer.

Never worry!

We know that finances are a HUGE part of running your business, and hey, if the time is not right-right now, then there is always another time and place to continue our relationship.

If your Project has commenced and you no longer wish to create your website with TheWebDesigner, Please, email Contact@TheWebDesigner straight away, so we can put a halt to your project and return your money ASAP (minus the initial deposit of course).

Although this occurs in the RAREST of cases, never fret. TheWebDesigner is here to create a final product YOU WILL LOVE!

We will always work together to create a website you and your business will be proud to own!

If at the conclusion of the agreement, you are not pleased and no longer wish to continue the partnership, your Package Fee (minus the Initial Deposit) will be returned to you in FULL.

Of course there is!

We never want you to feel “squeezed.

TheWebDesigner offers a referral discount for all our valued friends & customers!

If you refer any individual or business to TheWebDesigner‘s Services, I will Personally ensure that you recieve a HUGE DISCOUNT on your next website package!

Just have your referee email Contact@thewebdesigner, that they have been referred by you, and leave the rest to us!

Customer Satisfaction & Client Experience is our ONLY Mission.


🔀The Perfect 5-Step Website Creation Approach

Research Phase

We Handle the Research; You Gain the Advantage Over Your Competition.

Outline Phase

This is Where We Visualize Create a "rough" Layout of Your Site.

CMS Introduction

This is Where We Begin Creating "Magic". Creating A Fully-Functional Draft.

Presentation Phase

This is Where We Analyze Your Website, Together. Perfecting the Details.

Perfection Phase

Your Website is Now Finalized and Ready to Attract Your Clientelle!

TheWebDesigner Handles the Website Creation Process, Stress Free.

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