SEO: Search Engine Optimization in 3 Easy-Steps | TheWebDesigner

SEO: Search Engine Optimization in 3 Easy-Steps | TheWebDesigner

You can have the most valuable information, the rarest of advice, the best of tips; & be lost to search-engines, never to be found by your target-audience. All your hard-work will be for nothing, if you’re lost to search-engines. This is where the term Search-Engine Optimization comes into play. 

Perhaps one of the most over-looked and misunderstood concept, for website success; search engine optimization.

This article will cover the 3-steps to SEO: 3-steps to an optimized website, ready for increased traffic, & search-engine indexing.

1) Relevancy

2) Competitive-Research Analysis

3) Content-Structure

Pay attention to these 3-steps: this will ultimately affect the success or failure of your website

1) Relevancy

How relevant your topic is to what questions are being asked on search-engines, to how relevant your content remains throughout your article; all play a factor in making sure your post is optimized for search-engines.

Your content must be competent and relevant to your industry, and this step ties into the second step for search engine optimization; which is, Competitive-Research Analysis.

2) Competitive-Research Analysis

To optimize your posts for search-engines, and to be found by your target-audience, there must be a portion of your process devoted to competitive-research & analyzing the top-competitors & influencer’s in your industry.

By analyzing the competition, you can see what content is gaining exposure, and hitting the “top of the charts”.

By learning what’s working for other’s in your industry, you gain insight to how to structure your website, content & posts; and can optimize your website for the search-engines to recognize your material as an authority in your niche.

3) Content-Strategy

Optimizing your posts, website & content for improved search-engine rankings, depends not only on your content & how relevant it remains, but also on your website-layout, posts & structure for your content. There’s an article that goes into deeper detail on website structure and success, here.

You shouldn’t just post what you feel, when you feel it; your posting schedule & content-structure should follow a planned strategy. Search-engines love when you remain consistent, competitive & relevant to your audience. They reward care, passion & knowledge for your topics, with increased exposure to your audience.

There you have it, 3-Steps to Improved Search-Engine Optimization.

Much more to Come soon. Hope this helps you on your path to creating a better website.

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