Improve User-Experience on Your Website {Your 3-Step UX Guide} | TheWebDesigner

Improve User-Experience on Your Website {Your 3-Step UX Guide} | TheWebDesigner

One of the most important factors to a successful website, is a user-friendly experience. You want your website to be friendly, inviting & represent your business as successfully as it can.

In this article, what we’re going to cover are 3-Steps to a User-Friendly Website

What is it, why should you care, and how you might be losing money.

Why should you care, about user-experience?

Your business relies heavily on online-traffic, whether you know it or not. The traffic that you’re missing out on & not converting due to the lack of usability that your site displays.

3-Simple Steps to an Improved User-Experience for Your Site

1) Navigation

2) Layout + “Flow”

3) Mobile-Responsiveness


These three steps ensure your website is up-and-running with a user-friendly interface. Easy to use, easy to navigate through, & most-importantly easy to understand.

1) Navigation

Your website’s navigation is probably one of the most important things for your website, visually. Especially when thinking about an improved user-experience for your site visitors.

Simple; Easy to Understand. Easy to Comprehend.

Home | About | Blog | Services | Contact-

More, or Less, Depending on the Business.

Stop being fancy. It’s not cute, ‘nor does it entice your visitor’s to stay.

2) Layout + “Flow”

Next, most important step for an improved user-experience on your site, is your structure + natural “flow of information” on your site. Your website should attract your visitors, and target your niche in a way that attracts them, or funnels them through your information; right to your services.

Focus on the Structure of Your Website

Focus on your information + content being attractive, enticing & full of “juice” for your audience; and you’ve created a website that’s bound for success & provide an improved user-experience for your audience.

3) Mobile-Responsiveness

The final-step to creating a well-structured and user-friendly site; is Mobile-Responsiveness.

Your website MUST be responsive and adapt to different screens and mediums, REGARDLESS OF HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT IT.

That’s just the damn reality of website-success.

Everyone – especially the audience that your business is targeting; is browsing, searching on & buying, using a smart phone or tablet.

You must create a beautiful website that not only looks good and represents your brand on a desktop, must also not lose it’s structure and start looking-all funny when browsing the site on a phone or tablet.

A Mobile-friendly site, most always create an improved user-experience for your audience.

There you have it,

3-Simple Steps to Start Improving the User-Experience Your Audience Has on Your Website

Much more to Come soon. Hope this helps you on your path to creating a better website.

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