5 Simple Steps to Create Your Website for Success in 2018/2019 | {Web-Designs for Your Business} | TheWebDesigner

5 Simple Steps to Create Your Website for Success in 2018/2019 | {Web-Designs for Your Business} | TheWebDesigner

This Post is for you if you want to create your own website and build it for success, not failure.

If You’re Reading this Article, then You Understand that Your Business Needs to Stand Apart Online. Your Business Website, Represents Your Business, Online.

So, the Question today is Simple: How do You Create a Website for Your Business, Fast?

Creating A Successful Website is Simple, when You Follow the Right-Steps.

I’ve Created a List of the 5-Simple Steps You Can Take to Create A Website for Your Business that’s Built for Success.

Step-1: Niche (I Know, You’ve Heard it Before…PAY ATTENTION*)

Step-2: Competitive Research (Simpler than it Sounds)

Step-3: Purchase Hosting (Register a Name & Hosting for Your Website)

Step-4: CMS Introduction (House Your Content Using the Best)

Step-5: Foundation + Layout (Structure Your Website, *Competitively*)


1) Niche

The First-Step, to creating your Website, is acknowledging who You’re targeting with your Content.

WHO are you speaking to, or selling to.

From personal experience When I was just ‘playing around’ with the different software’s,my problem with creating my website, or when I tried to create a business from “any-old” website. I Failed Every time.

Pick a niche you’re passionate about, know about, and are willing to learn or “leverage” everything you want to learn about a subject, so you can make the most amount of money for your business.

To Create a Successful Website, ; know your niche-market, know who you’re talking to and know what you’re talking about. know that your service, product or information can benefit someone, in some market.

2) Competitive Research

The Second Step, to creating a website for your business, is doing some competitive research of the “top-players” in your market.

competitive f.a.q

The reason to learn about the top players is not to stress you out, or to over-complicated the process. It’s to understand which direction you’re going to create in. Knowing what’s working and what’s not working is how your website is going to succeed.

“Model what works. Find the “key-players” in your industry, model what works; do it better.”

3) Purchase Hosting

Time to Register Your Idea & Hit the Ground Running! You’re already two-steps ahead of most business-owners who rush into creating a website with no-idea where they’re going with their content.

To register a domain yourself, Here at TheWebDesigner, the recommendation is only Siteground OR BlueHost. For More Top Domain Recommendations there will be a link to another post here for Top Domain Hosting Providers for 2018/2019.Web Hosting

*Check out the Disclaimer page to understand TheWebDesigner Beliefs, Affiliations & Partnerships.*

If you want to outsource your domain registration process and the website creation process to a Professional for an incredible price; Contact TheWebDesigner to Request A FREE Quote.

4) CMS Hosting

After registering your domain name and have a hosting provider that you know is not going to disappoint you. Time to Introduce Your CMS Hosting.

What CMS is, is simply what software your website will be held on; the “content-part of your website”. Content Management Software.


Unless you have the time, or know how to code your whole website custom; or are willing to learn how to code and design your whole website; you will be hosting your website using a CMS.


The recommendation is WordPress; 100% of the time.

WordPress is a CMS software that has hundreds of free themes as well as premium and paid themes You need a theme to easily create a customized website structure. *There will be an article on theme recommendations and tutorial on customizing your theme.

5) Foundation + Layout

Now that you have a theme set up, it’s time to structure your Website, for High-Conversions.


Remember Step-2? Competitive-Research? This is When it Comes Into Play.

When you took the time to analyze what the top-competitors & influencer’s are doing right; you picked up the key to your website’s success.

Learn from the Top, Analyze What You Like, What Works, What Doesn’t Work and create a layout that converts your visitors, and draws them further through your process and the relationship with you & your business.

*Bonus Tip for Creating a Successful Website in 2018/2019.*

Add a Chat Box, an F.A.Q. Section, or a Contact Page.

There you have it, 5-Simple Steps to Create Your Website, in No Time.


Much more to Come soon. Hope this helps you on your path to creating a better website.

What’s Stopping You?

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